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About Tegan Wolfe



these are a few of my favorite things


  • Sunshine + the outdoors

  • Playing grass or sand volleyball

  • Camping

  • Live music and dancing

  • Major League Baseball

  • Riding bicycles

  • Craft beer

  • Traveling - anywhere!

  • Reading nonfiction books

  • Meeting new people

  • College sports - Go Cyclones!


Biz owner and graphic designer


Hi, I'm Tegan. I'm a 37 year old freelancer with over 15 years of professional graphic design and marketing experience. I started my business in November, 2011 and have been busy ever since.


When I was a young I was passionate about art - dabbling in everything from fashion design, landscape architecture, video animation, pottery and painting. When I was in high school I took a commercial art class (which back then we actually didn't use computers, everything was hand-done) and I fell in love. I left my home of Colorado and went to Iowa State University for Graphic Design. 

After college I returned to Fort Collins, Colorado where I worked for several agencies. In 2011 I started off on my own and the rest is history. After 30 years in Colorado (seven of those in Denver), I made the jump to the Tampa Bay area to enjoy the year-round warm weather. I continue to work remotely for all of my clients, and have even worked while traveling around the world. 

I am confident in my ability to provide excellent design and communication without having to be in the same room.

I'm good at my job because I focus on your brand and put aside my own artistic ego. Branding and consistency is such a huge part of any marketing effort - and because of this, each client I work with is unique. You have unique challenges, goals and messaging that need to be designed within your brand and for your audience. Graphic design isn't a 'one size fits all' type of deal. I design specifically for you, and because of that you will see a wide range of styles in my portfolio. 

I enjoy working with clients in all different industries, I prefer not to pigeonhole myself which keeps my day-to-day very interesting and fun. If you have any questions or are interested in working together, please reach out!


so, why the jellies?


I find them to be extremely dynamic, therapeutic and mesmerizing to watch. They are simple creatures that go with the flow. It seems like they aren't in a big rush to get anywhere, which is a lesson I think all of us can learn from.

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