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Tegan has been instrumental in assisting the Ethos Veterinary Health creative team with rebranding each of our 21+ veterinary hospitals across the US. Her attention to detail, deep understanding of our brand, and her skill in creating new materials that conform to our brand is worth its weight in gold to me and my busy team! I would recommend Tegan without hesitation to anyone. She asks intelligent, relevant questions, is responsive and needs very little direction or oversight. I view her more as a part time team member than I do a contractor. She is a valuable asset to my team. Sommer A., Ethos Veterinary 

I've worked with Tegan on numerous website design concepts, and have always been impressed with her exceptional standard of work. She has a keen eye for detail and fully understands the needs of the clients that we work with. Tegan is punctual and has always met any deadlines that I or our clients set. I remain thoroughly confident of Tegan's ability to deliver quality work, and recommend her to anyone looking to develop high-quality graphic designs. Kevin M., Great Dental Websites 

I've just started working with Tegan in the past year and couldn't be happier with the projects that's she's completed for our team. She takes the time to listen to our vision and then truly brings it to life. Tegan is innovative, timely and always carries a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Tegan Wolfe Design, LLC. for anyone searching for top-notch graphic design! - Kate L., Flash Global

I found Tegan on Craigslist in 2011 and I truly feel like she was one of the best things that has happened to my business! She is affordable, super easy to work with, and FAST! I thought I was just hiring her to do a brochure, but now she can't get rid of me! I've redone most of my company's materials and my website with her over the last few years, and referred her to a bunch of my business owner friends.   In the past when I worked with other designers I felt like I wasn't being heard, and they would get offended if I didn't like what they gave me. So different with Tegan! She listened to what I wanted, happily made as many changes as I wanted, and quickly learned my preferences too. These days I almost never need to ask for any changes because she knows my brand so well. I just can't say enough nice things about her and hope she never decides to change career paths, because she has ruined me for working with anyone else! - Laura S., All Star Cleaning Company


Our team at Lighthouse Financial, LLC so appreciate working with Tegan - she does a great job! Her design work is professional and hits the mark of what we are looking for. She clearly communicates her needs and schedule. Her turn around time is fast and her work accurate - you can’t go wrong using her services. - Ramona, Lighthouse Financial

Tegan has been great to work with. She's very responsive, works quickly and takes direction easily. She was very helpful during our company's rebranding efforts and re-creating all assets to align with new brand standards. - Kelsey O., MCA Connect

Tegan has been instrumental in helping our new company with graphic design and branding. Her designs are FLAWLESS! She is not only extremely efficient and quick with her turnaround on deliverables, the QUALITY of the work is what impresses us the most. She's gained a lifetime client with our company! Thank you, Tegan, for having such an eye for what design should feel and look like. - Justin P., Colorado Auto Hail Pros

I have worked with Tegan on a regular basis for the past two years and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a graphic designer. Her work is consistently great quality, on time and on track with client’s needs. Tegan is great at taking an abstract idea and turning around wonderfully designed and branded assets for our clients. Wonderful to work with!" - Lauren R., Great Dental Websites

I've been using Tegan Wolfe for my graphic designs for a few years now. She is a professional. Works fast and produces high quality work. She is great with communication and always seems to get done what I want even better than I could have imagined! Mahalo Tegan for all that you do for me and my companies! - Katie L., Hawaii Snack Box

Tegan Wolfe has been a tremendous asset for our programs.  She is accessible, quick, and has a solid attention to detail.  Her design strategies are clean and to the point, and she provides several options that both take into account our ideas as well as those that stem from her own creative inspiration.  We chose to work with Tegan after becoming frustrated with a previous designer and it was the best decision we made. - Narda R., OneHealth SIM


I’ve worked with Tegan on about ten different website developments. She’s great at figuring out client requirements and then providing added value. This is done quickly and you can count on her to deliver on schedule. Often, with just a few iterations with the client we’re able to go into technical development. The designs she provides are state-of-the-art visually, and help the clients put their best value proposition up front. For example, in recent designs for two different cleaning company clients, Tegan was able to work with them to determine their key requirements and in each case within just a couple of iterations the final  designs were visually clean, communicated friendly professionalism, and helped each company put their best contributions forward.  


As the design is approaching completion, she’s also able to effectively spot where the design doesn’t match her prototype and provide good feedback on where changes are needed. I especially appreciate how professionally and quickly she responds to questions and requests for deliverables and quotes. 


Tegan’s equally effective at providing graphical designs that range from a  single graphic to an entire website – and she’s very cost competitive. I’d definitely recommend her for your next website or graphic arts development project. - Steve H. , The Web Fellow

I've been using Tegan for my graphic design work for approximately 2 years.  I absolutely hate to "hold someone's hand" during the process, and Tegan is so good at taking my broad ideas, giving me a design to look at, and then I can suggest any edits of the draft.  It's an easy process. Tegan seems to work at all hours, and returns work very quickly.  If she is overly busy, she always will warn me that it will be a little longer than normal. The quality of her work is outstanding.  I would highly recommend her. - Martha W., Dusting Divas

I have been working with Tegan since December 2012, and have not been disappointed. She responds quickly to emails, and always provides proofs and final material by her promised time. I am consistently impressed by her speed, and quality of the graphics she delivers to us. We have received many compliments on the graphics she has created for our Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Tegan really understands our brand and what we are looking for. We have also used Tegan's services for print ads, and I love seeing the final product. She makes the process easy for us; we are able to provide very few details, or provide very specific instructions, and she provides the perfect graphics every time. - Kaitlyn M., PeopleKeys


Tegan took my "out there" ideas to and made them a reality as she designed a logo for my husband's photography business. Her work is unique and she was very timely with getting me the finished product. I will definitely use Tegan again for any designing needs. - Kristine B., Jason Babor Photography